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To travel or not to travel having criminal charges?

Laurel, MD |

My friend is a green card holder of the United States and was recently charged with assault in the first and second degree,false imprisonment and reckless endangerment. He is planning to travel outside of the US for vacation in another country. I didn't think this was a good idea but he assured me that his lawyer said it was alright. Despite that I decided to get a second opinion. Therefore with all that said would you advise this? Thanks.

Thanks for your answers. They are greatly appreciated. However per Cynthia's question regarding what type of lawyer gave such advice, it was a criminal defense attorney.

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He needs to work with his lawyer on this.
If there is no final conviction he should be fine to return from his trip.



You state that he was charged, with no mention of any conviction. That would indicate that the case is still pending and probably not effect travel. That said, if this was my client, I would tell him to stay home. The charges are in the public records and I would not want him traveling. The consequences are too dire. I am curious as to whether he got this advice from a criminal defense attorney or an experienced immigration lawyer. If it was not an immigration attorney, that attorney may not understand the situation.


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