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To remove conditions of green card,is it important to add the spouse name on the house,car, and business titles? immigration

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I am a business man and I have two small businesses,my wife from overseas, she got her 2 year green card a few months ago,she has been asking me to add her name to the title of the house,two cars and my two businesses.. I have asked my lawyer who is not an immigration one and he said I don't have too,I just wanna know is this important for removing of conditions of her green card next year ? need to know from immigration lawyer point of view..we have a joint bank account and a credit card together and i have added her name on the bills..also I just got her a credit card ..some ppl tell me its not important and others like her friends say she won't get the 10 year gc unless I add her name to ..please help thanks

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If you and your wife are filing the I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residency together, you will be required to provide documentary proof that you are in a good faith, bonafide marriage. It does not mean that you have to add your wife's names to your business or house but if you have other evidence of living together, combined finances, assets etc. it should be ok. You should consult an immigration attorney to discuss this further.

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Not necessarily if you have sufficient other proof of a life together and the bona fides of your relationship, but it could help depending on timing (i.e. it's probably not a good idea if it appears like you are only doing this for this purpose). I also strongly suggest you work with an attorney who practices primarily or exclusively in immigration law, so you can get the assistance of someone who deals with these matters regularly and is experienced in how to advise you best. Good luck.

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No, you don't have to add your spouse's name to the title of the house, cars etc. You will need to prove that the marriage was entered in good faith. There are several ways to do this. Start by reading the instructions to Form I-751. If you need help, consult an immigration attorney.