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To have a case against the police department, do I need to have a criminal lawyer, a civil rights lawyer, or one that does both?

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I had a criminal case that was based on fabrication. The charges were dropt for lack of evidence. As a result of excesive forse when the police arrested me, I was hospitalice. 13 days after I took pictures of all my bruses, some were feading, but the one on my heart was clearly brused, It caused an abnormal ritmia (heart beat). There are discrepancies in the police report which shows, that the police commited errors, the lies, and inconsistancies, things that make no sence when you read it carefully. I have differents kinds of information that can help the case. Now I'm facing thausands of dollars in hospital bills, not counting the trauma I've been through. I will appreciate very much your cooperation and advice. Thank You and God Bless.

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If your criminal charges were dropped, you would need a civil rights lawyer/torts lawyer.

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I suggest you find a civil right lawyer in your area who could help you with this case. I handle this types of cases, so, I can talk to you if you have questions. Call me at (913) 233-2133, or write me at Good luck.


You need a civil rights attorney to bring a suit against the police department.

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