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Everett, WA |

i had car accident back in 2004 10 28. At that time i only had permit(i was 16) with out insurance. and they sued me and sent the paper about sued ($20000) but our family doens't have enough english to understand the paper. so we decide to wait. as a times gos i started to for got about it.. and there was no more mails about the accident.
now i signed with army , and that thing comes up again with 12%interests.. it blacking me up to joining to the army and even $20000 are too much to pay.. please i need good lawyer and it will be better if he or she speaks korean. and i need to know how much it cost

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If you are looking for a Korean-speaking attorney in the Everett area, I suggest you contact the Snohomish County Bar Association and ask for a referral. (Our office is in Redmond and we do have an attorney who is half-Korean. See weblink below. He may be able to help you find someone local.)

There is a question as to whether the judgment against you is valid. You make it sound like the other party merely mailed documents to you. If that's the case, the judgment may not be valid. The person being sued normally must be personally served with a summons and complaint (or at the very least, someone who is resident in their home must be personally served at their home). It is important that whe you hire an attorney, you have the attorney check the court file to see if that took place. If not, the attorney can file a motion to vacate the judgment. And if successful, the judgment will be cleared.

Good luck.

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