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TN estate and probate laws, power of attorney, opening probate in TN

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You really do not ask a question here, unless I am missing something in my reading. Do you mean to be asking if you should be opening a probate of the estate? In Tennessee, if you have a Last Will of a person, there is an obligation to file it at the courthouse. Further, it really does help in clearing up title to her property, even if you are the only heir. I understand that this is probably a very difficult and confusing time for you, but there is a possibility that this can be handled reasonably quickly with the help of an attorney for you, and then you can get it behind you. Best of luck in this difficult time. I notice that you are from Nashville. If she also resided in Nashville, you will be dealing with our Probate Court and Clerk's office in Nashville. These are some of the nicest, most compassionate people in the world. Do not be afraid to deal with them. I believe you will be surprised how much they want to make this tough legal procedure as manageable as possible for you.

And now, of course , the required disclaimer --- I am not your attorney, so I cannot give you legal advice, and you should seek an attorney in the jurisdiction in which your mother resided at the time she died to assist you with the probate of her estate.


I agree with Cynthia---you should offer the will into probate where the real property (if there is any) is located. If there is no real property you may open it in the county where she resided when she passed away.

I also agree that Davidson County probate is a wonderful and helpful court. They can answer most of your questions and guide you through the relatively simple process of what appears to be a "small estate".
You can google "probate small estate Tennessee" for a primer.
Best of luck to you.

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