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Tips on my wife's upcoming VISA interview

Bristow, VA |

I went to my native land Sri Lanka in January 2009 and I met a beautiful girl next door to my house. I was there for 11 days that time. Then I came back to US and started talking to her on the phone for few months & decided to marry her. Since I had no more vacation days left for year 2009 from my work, we got married over the phone in the presence of a marriage registrar & few family member's from both sides as witness. I decide to marry over the phone because I knew the immigration paper work will take a while & I didn't want to waste any more time. So we got lawfully married. Then I went back to meet my wife January 2010 for 10 days.
Now our immigration case is at NVC and we expect to get an interview within 2 months. I am just wondering what kind of questions they might ask my wife ?

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During the immigrant visa interview, your wife will be questioned about both the bona fides of her relationship and marriage to you (i.e., how you met, what led to your decision to marry, how well she knows you and your family member), as well as questioned about her admissibility to the United States (i.e., verifying she has no criminal/immigration issues).

I am not familiar with the validity of an over-the-phone marriage -- that may be an issue the consular office will look into to verify you are in fact in a legally recognized marriage.