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Time to receive I-129 receipt number from USCIS

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If an I-129 is filed for employer transfer today with premium processing (i-907) services, how long will it take to get the receipt no from USCIS? Will the receipt number come in mail only? Or does USCIS notify via email as well

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With premium processing my office receives usually an email receipt with a case number from the CSC inLaguna Niguel the within 2-3 days of CSC receiving the FedEx package from us. In some rare cases, 4 days. The comes the receipt in the mail within a week.

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We receive the email confirmation from USCIS about 1-3 days after filing the petition.

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The Premium Processing Unit will email an electronic receipt notice typically the following day (sometimes 2 days later). The original Form I-797 receipt notice will follow via regular mail within one week. Sometimes we receive the original approval and the receipt notice the same day (only in premium processing cases).

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