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Time Period for Contesting a Final Divorce Decree in the state of VA, and can I appeal?

Norfolk, VA |

On March 27, 1992, I received notice to appear in Richomond Va courts to protect my interest in my divoce, I contacted local lawyer to request to reschedule apprearnce for 4/24/92, because I was in Puerto Rico at the time, and I did not have funds to appear on date requeted. I also explained that I had three children I needed to take with me. I never received any notice and by Nov 9, 92 a final divoce decree was put into place, signed on Nov 16,92, and mailed to me in Puerto Rico and forward papers to me in Norfolk Va another city 1hr away. I went to a local lawyer to seek advise and was asked if I had any money, I said no, and suggested I go to richmond and seek lawyer there for assistance. I was setting in Norfolk VA and I had no money to do that. I was emotionally stress.

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Your time period for an appeal has passed. You only have 30 days from the date of the entry of the final decree to note your appeal. It does sound as though you were notified about the hearing because you make mention of even hiring an attorney to represent you that day. It does sound as though you could have made some objections to the manner of service back in 1992 but if you never did anything, I do not believe the court will even consider reopening this case.

Ultimately, I believe you have a deeper concern here. What is that you really desire? Is there some provision in the decree that harms your interest? I think you really need to sit down with an attorney and discover what the real issue is here.


You are way past the time permitted for appeal or any other contesting of the final divorce.