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i got my second speeding ticket and i was going 21 over and im only 17. i have no points on my license but what will happen?

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Because you are under the age of 18, the Georgia Department of Drivers Services (which was formerly known as the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety) will suspend your license to drive upon the accumulation of four (4) or more points in any 12-month period. The first suspension for all non-alcohol and non-DUI related offenses is for six (6) months. No limited driving permit is available for this period of suspension. Also, a plea of nolo contendere will be treated as a conviction for these non-alcohol and non-DUI related offenses, and a license suspension will occur.

Because this is your second speeeding ticket, you need to be absolutely certain that your prior speeding ticket does not appear on your driving record. If you do not have any other offense upon your driving record, this speeding citation (for 21 mph over the posted limit) will not cause your license to be suspended.

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if you hire an attorney your license may not be suspended. You can accumulate too many points an as a result a license suspension will occur.