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Ticketed for failure to yield when turning left. Plead not guilty but should I change my plea to guilty in my situation?

Decatur, GA |

I have a ticket for failure to yield when turning left by Georgia (USA) Court and hit one on coming car (hit each others left front corner of the car). But the other person got 3 tickets. I do not know what they are but that is what the officer told me when I was asking questions when this happened. I plead not guilty, and my rescheduled court date is coming up. I am having second thoughts, and I was wondering if it is possible to change my plea from not guilty to guilty? Is that a good idea in my situation? Do I have a chance of not getting charged?Please help

Or is it worth a shot sticking with not guilty and tell the judge you think it was both parties at fault so that she will at least lower the fine/penalty? AFTER COURT: For people who may have a similar question in the future, here's what happened. I changed my plea (just ask for the paper to do so), and when it was my turn I got fined $200. The end. Stress over nothing. Thanks for the help.

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Getting a ticket is being charged, so I'm not sure what you mean about having a chance of not getting charged. If you mean not getting convicted, there is always a chance of that.

Whether the accident is the fault of both drivers or not, if they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you didn't properly yield while turning left, then they will convict you of that. You can always change your plea from not guilt to either No Contest (also called Nolo Contendre) or Guilty. If you plead No Contest, you're not admitting or denying guilt, you're just accepting the consequences.

Without more information it's not really possible to tell you what you should or shouldn't do. You should contact an attorney who handles traffic cases and discuss all the facts involved and all of your options. My firm practices in DeKalb and we'd be happy to talk to you if you'd like to get in touch with us. Our number is 678-376-5541.


You have been charged, so there is no chance of not being charged. You can certainly change your plea, the question is should you? Is there a reason to do that, or is there a reason not to. If there is any civil litigation regarding this accident, you should consult with a civil attorney before making your decision. It is impossible to decide for you what you should do. If you really want legal advice on this, you should sit down and discuss the case with an attorney in your area, who after fully understanding the circumstances can advise you as to what the consequences of your decision would be.

This response does not create an attorney client relationship and is offered for informational purposes only. Only a lawyer fully versed on the facts and circumstances of your case can properly advise you on the case. I am licensed to practice in Minnesota, not every state. You should always consult with an attorney licensed in your area on how best to proceed.


Many jurisdictions dismiss cases such as this where both parties are at fault as long as you show up for your initial court date, i.e. City of Atlanta. A guilty plea can have ramifications on a pending, or soon to be pending, civil case. If you admit guilt (essentially admitting fault) in a criminal case, it can be used against you in a civil case. You should hire an attorney to protect your interests in the criminal case and a potential civil case.