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Ticket marked as running flashing red light but actually rolled through stop sign.

Charlotte, NC |

My ticket is in Mecklenburg County, NC (Charlotte) and the correct "box" for "By failing to stop at a duly erected (stop sign) (flashing red light). G.S. 20-158(b)(1), (b)(3)." is checked. However, the officer underlined "(flashing red light)" when the intersection actually has a stop sign. Can I get out of this ticket for this reason?

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Probably not. But you could certainly make that argument to the court.

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Does not look like a convicing reason to keep your hopes of winning it.

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I have seen this a lot, and should you take this to trial, the officer will most likely say that he meant to cross through, not underline. Sometimes the carbon copy pink sheet that you have is not lined up correctly, meaning that the real ticket in the court file shows that the "flashing red light" was struck through.
It's not worth taking to trial on this issue, but hiring an attorney may certainly help you avoid having your insurance rates go up. Feel free to contact my office for help.

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