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Ticket for passing a school bus with it's yellow flashing lights on

Massillon, OH |

I was recently cited with a ticket for passing a bus with it's yellow flashing lights on. I do not feel that I deserved the ticket in that (as I was driving toward the bus in the opposite direction) the bus driver had it's yellow flashing lights on while moving, in which case I proceeded to slow down. The driver then turned the yellow lights off and was still moving. At this point, I began to speed back up and continue driving when the driver turned the yellow flashing lights back on. By this time, I was advancing on the bus and do not feel that I had adequate time to stop. I braked in an effort to slow down as much as possible and when I was beside the bus, the driver then turned the red flashing lights and stop sign on. The bus driver got my license number and turned me in. I received advice to plead not guilty if I could not find out what the likely sentence would be. The prosecutor was not able to tell me what a likely sentence would be and since it could be up to a $500 fine and 1 year license suspension, I did not want to plead no contest. I would like advice on what to do next as my court date is in 3 weeks and on whether I am likely to be found guilty and if I am, what the likely sentence would be. I have a pretty good driving record, 1 speeding ticket and 1 weather related accident, with both unfortunately happening in the past year and a half. I am a good person and would never think of passing a bus intentionally to gain a few minutes of time. The incident happened in Wayne County, Ohio.

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get a lawyer and have him make a deal to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Your problems will not stop if you are convicted. Your insurance company will raise your rates after the conviction, this may go on for five years. In order to avoid the insurance problem you need to strike a bargain that involve your pleading guilty to some non moving violation.


Consult with a lawyer who handles traffic tickets in the court that you are cited to appear in as soon as possible. They will be able to give you guidance as to your options on how to possibly keep the worst off your driving record.

Check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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