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Ticket for no drivers license.

Los Angeles, CA |

can i receive a ticket for driving without a drivers license for not having a valid regisytration but a temporary operating permit on my car?

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You are asking two different questions. First, can you recieve a ticket for driving without a license? The answer is "yes". Second, can you get a ticket for not having proof of valid registration? Again, "yes". Remember, driving is a "privilege", not a "right". Thus, the State can institute all sorts of rules to regulate the roads. Of particular importance to the State is the ability to generate revenue from those who do not follow the "rules of the road", such as having a valid CDL and registration in your possession when operating a motor vehicle. The good news is that it boils down to a fix it ticket. On the date set for the hearing show that you did/do have a valid CDL and registration for the vehicle and the case will likely be dismissed. Of course, if you don't have either or both of those, you may be in trouble... That would be a good time to think about hiring an attorney to prevent a citation from turning into a misdemeanor and possible jail time.

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