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Ticket for Expired License in Georgia with no way to renew. Due in court this week, what should I do?

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License has been expired for 2 years but i am an immigrant and am in the process of renewing my visa so i cannot renew until i get that. Originally went to court in December but the judge gave me two months to renew my license. My citation is for expired license but the court docket is for no license which i know is a more serious offense. I am not worried about removal just on how to proceed when i get to court. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Get a good attorney to work on it ASAP. A traffic ticket is not an issue usually, but you don't need any complications, and/or criminal conviction.

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The judge has given you this time in order to allow you to avoid consequences for this conduct. The law provides that, if you present a valid driver's license, you are not to be found guilty of this offense and the case would be dismissed. Moreover, even if you cannot get a license, you need to present competent evidence that you had a valid license that expired, or you are correct that you will be treated more harshly for driving without a license. An attorney can help you obtain the proper evidence to show that you had a license that expired. At this point, if you cannot get your license, you need to retain counsel to help with your defense to the more serious charge (which includes a mandatory minimum fine and jail time). Call me if I can be of assistance.

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Driving with no license is definitely a more serious offense that could have serious consequences, including jail time. Please consult with an experienced traffic attorney to assist you. I offer a free consultation. Please call me at 404-494-0027 to discuss this matter further.

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