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Three questions pertaining to removing a case from state court to federal court in another state...

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Counterclaim >$75k, diversity of citizenship, federal question

If an attorney is licensed in Arizona but not California, but they are allowed to represent clients in federal court in Arizona, are they automatically allowed to represent clients in federal court (only) in California?

I know that a defendant can remove a case from state court to federal court (if it's properly heard in fed. court) but if a plaintiff files in state court and then moves to a different state & the defendant files a counterclaim, can the plaintiff/counter defendant then request the case removed to the fed court in the new state (domicile)?

Can the plaintiff remove the case from AZ state court to CA fed. court or must it be AZ federal court? Will provide additional info upon request. Thank you very much.

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The link below has the Federal Removal statute. You can remove to any Federal venue that still complies with diversity (second link below). An attorney licensed in a state court that has permission to practice in Federal court can practice Federal law in any Federal court int he nation either by admission or pro hoc vice (temporary admission). You really want to work with an attorney to fight this.


It sounds like you have a federal civil question, not a federal criminal question. You should contact a civil attorney and not a criminal attorney.





Sounds like you are doing it this yourself. You need an attorney

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Not a criminal law related question.



Never said it was... unless this website has a glitch.

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