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This is like Mulberry Vs Madison only not simply intent or interpretation but the authority of the supreme court adjudications,

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you gotta see the lesser courts have no such authority other than our bill of rights,,as intended by the supreme law,,,Madison wrote the bill of rights,,but in that argument the supreme court took the authority to deliberate and adjudicate the interpretation,,,leaving the lesser court to the oath of office is criminal to not uphold that oath,,the err of doubt is to be bestowed on the claimant of that violation,,so,,our constitution never fails to protect the rights governments are established to protect..
i need some Help Defending our constitution from internationals right now..consider this a Patrick Henry infinite moment,,a call to arms,,but i can't stand alone and win,,i will if i must and fail if necessary to open the door.,Help me defend what so many gave their life for.

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It's Marbury vs. Madison. That being said, what is your specific issue?


You have no idea what you are taking about. This post makes no more sense than your previous post.

Are you aware that this is a question and answer site? For individuals with real legal issues who need a push in the right direction? It is not a site for posting statements, or hypotheticals, or nonsense.

If you need an attorney, try the avvo ' find a lawyer ' tab or contact you local bar association and request a referral. Good luck to you.

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The case is Marbury v. Madison. That being said, your "question" is convoluted and non-sensical. It is impossible to attempt an answer with what has been provided.


I believe you mean "Marbury v. Madison." However, that is the only think I was able to decipher from your post. What exactly is your issue?

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What is your question? "Marbury" not "Mulberry."

My answer to your question is for general purposes only, and we do not have an attorney-client relationship.


What, exactly, is "like Marbury v. Madison?"

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