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This is a issue regaurding my fiances Job at AT&T inside the indian river mall in vero beach fl.

Vero Beach, FL |

My fiance was suppose to go into work this past thrusday and immedialty his manager Kyle cut his hours down to 10 hours a week I dont only find this insulting that nobody else had hours cut except my fiance but I can't believe his manager would even consider 10 hours a week enough for us to survive or support us if im pregnate. My fiance was given the day off on thrusday after his hours were cut & then returned later that day to ask his manager for his HR dept. phone number. His manager refused to give him his boss's number and refused to give him his HR phone number and then fired him immediatly when he also only had one wright up from being tardy. so I just would like some advice on the steps we need to take in order to get his job back and what do we do about his manager, Thank You.

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We are in an "at will" State as far as jobs are concerned. You can be fired for any non discriminatory reason. Sounds like the employer through the manager was being unfair and you may want to write to the corporate offices or regional supervisor over the manager to have them investigate the situation. Perhaps they can offer him a job in another store. For now, he was fired and if he has sufficient quarters of income he can collect unemployment.

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