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This is a follow up question from a month ago. "Workplace bullying"

Panora, IA |

I was told that "There is no jurisdiction within the U.S. where workplace bullying is illegal, unless motivated by unlawful discrimination (i.e., on the basis of race, gender, age, disability or perceived disability, national origin, religion, in some states sexual orientation, etc.) or unlawful retaliation." But why do employers get by with this crime when our schools have zero tolerance for bullying? I believe corporations should have have zero tolerane for work place bullying as well. But it seems they have ways of skirting around this issue and ways to put the guilt of their employees and make them the scapegoats to get rid of employees.

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Your question implies questions that are relevant not just for lawyers but for anyone who has ever had a job. I cannot speak for Iowa, but I know that in NJ there was an effort to pass an anti-bullying employment law a few years ago. My feeling is that the legislature believes that such a bill would cripple employers because many employers have bullying in their workplaces and there is a feeling among the lawmakers that business should be free to run itself as it sees fit, despite the incredible mental and emotional toll that these bullies take on employees in the workplace. It is sad, but many businesses like to keep employees in line with fear and intimidation.

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