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Third dui in tx with child and tdc convictions 29 yrs apart 3rd strike what kid of time am i facing

Sherman, TX |
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A defendant with a charge of DWI with child under 15 years old in vehicle, and with 2 prior TDC trips is facing a second degree felony.

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You're definitely going to want to hire an attorney. The punishment on these kinds of cases can be severe. Good luck.


It sounds like you have two felony DWIs pending? One is a DWI Child and one is a regular felony DWI? And you've been to the pen twice? I can't give an accurate answer without knowing these things. Regardless, you are facing many years in prison. You need an experienced DWI attorney helping you with this. In addition to finding the right attorney, it would help tremendously if you would get yourself into treatment immediately.

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Your question needs a little more information. If you have two prior convictions of a DWI in texas then the third is a felony. Additionally, if you have a DWI with a child, no matter how many priors, it is a felony. However, if you are telling us you received two of your three within the last two months, and your first was 29 years ago, then you cannot be charged with a felony DWI 3rd because you do not have two convictions.

Similarly, if you're asking for help regarding what you're looking at for punishment, then again the question needs more information. Most prosecutors, judges, and jurors base the offer/punishment on the facts of the specific case and prior criminal history. With your history, multiple DWI and multiple felonies, judges and jurors will not be too happy and likely will look for a harsh punishment.