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There was a ruling made in divorce court against me. How can I get ruling vacated if my husband died?

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Attorneys are telling me death makes divorce moot. But there was a ruling unfair ruling against me made by the divorce judge this has lead me to lose my minor child to my eldest child who also lied to the court probate court. I mean where do I go? Do you mean I am forever banned from having and being with my minor child because a divorce judge made a huge mistake? I mean he relied on false accusations made by the other side. There was no time to argue my husband died. So now what? I mean what can I do? You mean the minor child and my custody was buried with my husband's burial? That does not seem right. Where can I go to advice? There were also rulings made in the divorce made by another judge who knew my late husband those rulings were about the mnor child. Now what can I do?

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It sounds like you have a dispute with your eldest child over the custody of their sibling (your child). You will need to take your case to the probate court or whatever court gave guardianship or custody to your eldest child. Contact a family law attorney.

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I apologize if I am incorrect, but I think you are the same person who has been asking this same question over and over again for the past month or so. You apparently are not satisfied with the answers the Avvo attorneys have provided up to now, and I do not see this changing.

For your own sake, please find a knowledgable lawyer take his/her direction.

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