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There was a fight at the basketball game tonight and the cops ...

Toledo, OH |

sprayed some of the students in the stands with pepper spray.
A guy said that no one has ever died from pepper spray,is this true or has somebody died from it?

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This is not a legal question. I am not sure how attorneys would know if anyone has died from pepper spray or not.

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This does seem like a legal question. Search a medical forum and post the question there.


Pepper spray is usually not deadly, but it can be.

I present to you Exhibit A:

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There have been some publicized deaths due to pepper spray, raising questions as to whether its use is a civil rights violation (excessive force). A quick internet search reveals that death is possible in certain circumstances.

In recent news, a civil suit is pending on this very matter:

This advice, despite its helpful nature, should prompt you to contact an attorney to confirm the propriety of any action taken that would affect your rights in a court of law.

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