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There was a car accident of two vehicles where one of them damage part of my property..

Orange City, FL |

The insurance cia is reluctant to pay because non of the vehicles reported the accident. They got to know only through the Hospital who saw one of the drivers. I have a small claim, What should I do? Is the Court handling small claims? Do I need a lawyer? Can you help? My name is Luz A. Baron (386) 218 4724

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Small claims court is probably your best bet. A lawyer may cost more than the value of your claim.


Small claims court


Sue n=both owners and drivers in small claims court.

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Clifford M. Miller

Clifford M. Miller


typo: "both"


If the insurance company is refusing to pay, then you may need to hire an attorney to file suit.


I would send both insurance companies a letter demanding payment that includes pictures of the damaged property and an estimate to repair or replace the property. If you hire an attorney, you'll have to pay him to take the case.

You may be able to get an attorney to write a letter for you for a small fee, but in the end, small claims court may be your best bet. In Florida, small claims are $5000 and under, and typically, the rules are somewhat relaxed because so many people represent themselves. Still, you need to prove your case and present evidence of your damages to the court.

Many times, clerks will assist you with filing the paperwork, but it can still be an intimidating process. Try resolving the matter with the insurance companies first, and then decide your way forward.

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