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There is no will and only one heir. Is that heir responsible for funeral expenses?

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The estate is responsible for the funeral expenses. That means the decedent's assets cover the cost (practically this might mean someone has to pay the funeral bill and get paid back by the estate).

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Whoever signs the papers with the funeral home is responsible to pay them. BUT, in the probate process, that person will be reimbursed for the funeral expenses BEFORE the heir gets the net estate.


The other attorneys general information will apply in SC. If there is a will that is known to exist and a person in in possession of that will, they would likely have to file the will with the county's probate court. If there is no will, there may be nothing that even a potential heir needs to do with the estate. There are no obligations to probate the estate. If a notice of death finally gets to a creditor, including a funeral home, the creditor (any other interested person) can open an estate in the probate court to have debts paid.

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