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There is a warrant for my arrest for twice breaking a no contact order.i live in a different county.can they arrest me at home?

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i was arrested for 4th degree battery.i arrested the next day for violating a no contact order. my fiance and i began talking, making plans for a future together.last night i received a call from a deputy telling me there is a warrant for my arrest. i live in a different county now. can they come to my house and arrest me or is this like a bench warrant?

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In my experience, law enforcement does not come to your home to make an arrest based upon a misdemeanor warrant. They do, however, make arrests during routine traffic stops (speeding, failure to stop or signal) if the counties are in close proximity.


Yes they can come to your house and arrest. Violating a Protection order is very serous. YOU need to go see a criminal defense attorney now.

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It is like a bench warrant. They can come to your home. However, it is not uncommon for the other county to not come an arrest you. You would have to be transferred etc. It costs money. Sometimes, for smaller offenses they do not make much effort.

If you know there is a warrant - you should contact the courts and schedule a hearing for a warrant quash. Be prepared to go into custody.