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Theft ticket under 50 what's gonna happen to me

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I'm 19 never been in trouble before I got a ticket for theft and I wanted to get deffered judgment I don't want this on my record and I can't afford a lawyer some guy said 1000 I can't do that for sure I'm going to talk to the judge what do you think he will say I need some advice what is gonna happen to me

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You need an attorney. Thefts are classified as crimes of moral turpitude which carry significant consequences far beyond what happens with the case itself. If it costs $1000 or more to handle the case, I would suggest thinking of that as an investment in your future. Imagine how much it could cost you over the rest of your life income wise -- it is very difficult to get a good job or even get into college nowadays with such a conviction on your record.


I edited practice area so hopefully other attorneys can weigh in. I recommend interviewing local criminal defense attorneys to compare prices, and experience.

If the theft is under $50 it is Class C misdemeanor, and deferred adjudication would be good result, but a dismissal would be even better. Get local attorney experienced with defending petty theft cases. Good Luck.

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You should call around. There are many attorneys that will do it for much less than 1000.00. It is likely that the court will allow you to do a deferred adjudication without the assistance of an attorney. If your record is clean I have no doubt that you will be offered a deferred from the prosecutor. You will likely have to pay a special expense fee and stay out of trouble for a few months. The deferred adjudication will be unsupervised. You may have to return to basically confirm that you did not get in any more trouble.

Look for attorneys that handle class C misdemeanors if you want a chance to potentially have the case dismissed. No one can guarantee you a dismissal, but many of the attorney that handle class C misdemeanors exclusively are good at finding problems with the State's case. Around the Houston area, Sullo and Sullo, Rene Gonzalez & Associates, and Paul Kubosh come to mind when looking for a reasonably priced attorney for a class C misdemeanor.

Good Luck

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