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Theft over $500 leadsL

Quincy, IL |

Warrant issued for me on theft .
Cops investagated 2 months ago , no serial numbers could be located on item that I bought 3 months before theft accoured.
Cops invited to look at item , pics taken of serial # location (never stamped) item dismantled infront of cop to find numbers , none could be found . 2 weeks pass no word from cops and I couldnt put it back together due to broken parts so item was placed in boxes and located in front yard and sold ,As is . To a motorist passing by.
4 weeks later a warant was issued for my arrest .Theft over $500
What do I do????? posted $800 bond and have court in may?????

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You asked what you should do. You should take this seriously and immediately hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your story sounds a little fishy and if I think that, so might the police and prosecutor. You should also stop speaking about this to anyone and that includes posting online. This is not a confidential site and there is no privilege. The police and prosecution can view your wordss here and they can be 8sed against you.

David L. Freidberg

David L. Freidberg


Very good advice Judy. Be careful what you say and who you say it to.


The police have the discretion to charge when and how they want. If there is a warrant, the matter is now in the hands of the State's Attorney. It has to be proven beyond beyond a reasonable doubt. You need a good local attorney.

Please understand that answering this doesn't create an attorney/client relationship between us, and as hard as I try to answer your question well, it isn't legal advice. No matter how much information you put into a question, the answers you are going to get are still going to be vague. It is in your interest to contact a lawyer, most of whom will do a free consultation. Even 15 minutes with a lawyer is going to produce a more specific answer to your problem.


The obvious answer is to hire an attorney.

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