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Theft 2nd Class C felony

Toledo, WA |

What does the five years mean? It has been five years since I was found guilty of this crime all fines paid never been in trouble since. There was no Jail time and no community placement why hasn't the certificate and order of discharge been issued? Who issues that and how do I get one?

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RCW 9.94a.637 controls how a Certificate and Order of Discharge is issued. Because you were not under community supervision, you are required to petition the Court for a Certificate of Discharge.

RCW 9.94a.637(1)(c) states:

"(c) When an offender who is subject to requirements of the sentence in addition to the payment of legal financial obligations either is not subject to supervision by the department or does not complete the requirements while under supervision of the department, it is the offender's responsibility to provide the court with verification of the completion of the sentence conditions other than the payment of legal financial obligations. When the offender satisfies all legal financial obligations under the sentence, the county clerk shall notify the sentencing court that the legal financial obligations have been satisfied. When the court has received both notification from the clerk and adequate verification from the offender that the sentence requirements have been completed, the court shall discharge the offender and provide the offender with a certificate of discharge by issuing the certificate to the offender in person or by mailing the certificate to the offender's last known address."

If your felony was in Snohomish County the county clerk sells a packet that tells you how to do it yourself. If it is too complicated, you should contact a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with that area of the law. If the proper procedures are followed you should be able to get your Certificate.