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Theft 1 charge.

Seattle, WA |

My sister who does not have a criminal background was arrested and bailed last night. She had a warrant for her arrest that she was not aware of for 1 year. She had renewed her license and changed her address and did not know. Apparently they had mailed some information to her old address. She is a single mom with a 2 year old. She was caught stealing at her job 3 years ago. She is now going to court this month. What can we expect and what should we be prepared for.

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Even though she moved and changed her address there may be speedy trial issue because the event "Allegedly" occurred 3 years ago. That said, it could be a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on the amount they are claiming she stole. Depending on which county and state where she is being prosecuted they may have a website with additional information. I would suggest that she not say anything to anyone and speak to a lawyer immediately. If she cannot afford an attorney the court will appoint her one. The punishment could be as little as a deferred entry of judgment program where the charges are dismissed after completion of a brief course or it could be much more and include in custody time if the amount is significant. It may also be possible to defend the charges completely.


She certainly needs a lawyer. The delay in prosecution may give her a due process argument.

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