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The word "Leave" accidentally left out of Motion to Extend Deadline to Designate Expert Witness. Do I need to amend my motion?

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I am a Pro Se divorce petitioner and I filed a Motion to Extend Deadline to Designate Expert. The deadline to designate already passed several weeks ago. Will the Court deny my motion because I forgot to use the words "Leave", such as Motion for Leave to Extend Deadline to Designate Expert? Or is it no big deal that "Leave" was omitted?

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Your Motion is essentially seeking "leave of court" to extend a deadline. The omission of "leave" in your Motion should not be an issue. Of concern to me is that you're navigating the world of Experts Witnesses in litigation without an attorney. You should speak with a certified Limited Assistance Representation attorney to see how he/she may be able to help you in a cost-efficient manner. You can basically hire an attorney to provide limited representation of you (drafting a document for you, arguing a Motion for you, or any other limited task) whenever you feel you need an attorney.

I hope this helps.

Christopher John Finn

Christopher John Finn


I should also note that although the omission of "leave" from your Motion should not be an issue, you still need to convince the judge to rule in favor of your Motion. Good luck.


Omitting the word "leave" is no big deal. However, it may be a big deal that the deadline passed several weeks ago. Usual practice is to seek an extension before the deadline.

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It's no big deal that the word "Leave" was omitted. The court may deny your motion, but not because of that.

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