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The State of California amended my corporation name to a wrong name by mistake?

San Francisco, CA |

I filed for an amendment via LegalZoom and they sent me the State Amendment paper showing the name change.
Then I checked on their business entities records and found out that the State had actually filed the wrong name in their system so my corporation is now under the wrong name!
Firstly, How did they produce me a stamped amendment paper showing a correct name change and yet they changed to my corp. to a different name in their records??

I sent them the amendment showing the right name for the corporation and I spoke to a few agents there and one told me that the name would be updated asap.

It's now been 6 weeks and I'm still waiting.. Do they simply don't care or are they that slow to process a simple name correction in their system? I feel like suing them incompetents!

To Ryan Steve Alexander, LegalZoom sent me the amendment that they was sent to SOS, and it's stamped with serial numbers in the front and said "Filed" and a stamp on the back of the document, so i am sure it's legit. So it really puzzles me how they can certified a document like that without even checking the right name is in their records.. I shall give them another call on monday and try to get their supervisor for filing if they have one!

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Perhaps you should walk it through the Secretary of states office.


I'm not sure I understand your circumstances correctly, but lets walk through it.

Are you looking at documents that LZ is showing you? Confirm that LZ is showing you the correct documents from the correct file. There should be a reference to the corporation id number somewhere on the document. This may be a computer error on their end.

It wouldn't be surprising if this was a mistake on the SOS' part. I would recommend you call them again. You may have to again re-send the documents to the SOS, so get the representative's name and ask if you can work with them directly (and be sure to send it out ASAP). You could probably ask LZ to do this for you.

The fact that there is a 6 week delay to rectify the mistake is odd. I've raised similar issues with the SOS before and I routinely get rectification within 24 hours. Confirm who told you it would take 6 weeks to rectify the problem.

Also try calling back and getting another representative as you tend to get varying personalities with some more helpful than others.

You're not the first person to have some problems with the SOS, just understand the circumstances and keep trying.

Ryan Steve Alexander

Ryan Steve Alexander


Follow-up in reference to additional info - LZ probably has mass-filer status at the SOS, so they're passing a lot of documents to the SOS and the SOS processes them quickly. One can only speculate as to the quality control process on both LZ's and SOS's side, so you have no way of know how this happened. Your only option is to get it fixed and avoid further angst of understanding how it happened. I'm guessing you'll likely have LZ fix this quickly since LZ was in the middle of the process and they want to maintain good customer service. Good luck.


You feel like suing them incompetents.
If that's how you spoke to them on phone, that's why you are waiting.
They are very busy, small typographical errors to happen. It now takes about that time for a mailed copy of a new LLC to be filed. Keep checking in and the matter will be rectified.

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