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The son buys parents a two week cruise ship trip. It was to stop in Jamaica but a new clerk from cruise omitted wrong

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forms that are required. By the time the mistake was discover it was to late. The cruise liner apologized for mix up and The cruise was changed to a four nights stay instead of three because of mistake to virgin islands instead. At end of the cruise an approaching hurricane sandy forced to cancel last two days of cruise. The ship returned to main port and allowed passengers to stay for last two days on ship. We demanded money back because of ruined cruise. Cruise liner prorated and refund us 3/14 of the cost of cruise for the first missed stop but refused because of hurricane.
Are we entitled to damages and how will they be determined.

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Barring any specific statute on this issue, your contract with the company would govern your legal rights in this situation. You should go back and look at the terms of the contract you had when you purchased the tickets, what provisions are provided for refunds and what the company promised to do in exchange for the money you paid it. With respect to what your recourse may have, you will also want to pay close attention to whether your contract requiries you to arbitrate any dispute.

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