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The section 8 house I'm living in was inspected and was found to have several violations. Can the landlord still collect rent?

Baltimore, MD |

She was given 30 days to make the repairs. Her 30 days will be up on June 15th. I live in the state of maryland.

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Who gave her the 30 days? A judge? In any case, depending on the violations, the landlord can likely collect rent, but you may be entitled to a set-off of some sort for the violations. District Courts have a lot of information on landlord/tenant law; I would suggest start there and consult an attorney if you run into difficulties.

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Baltimore county housing office. the house failed because it didn't meet the minimum housing quality standards. My letter also states, if repairs are not completed within 30 days the hosing subsidy will stop until the corrections have been made. I was wondering because California has a law prohibiting landlords from collecting rent if a violation went on for 35 days. I was wondering if MD had a similar law.