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The moving and storage company where my things are/were stored was evicted by their landlord. what can I do?

San Diego, CA |

I paid for my container storage for 50 months ($5000) with no problems - I just discovered that the company was evicted by their landlord and the space is now vacant. All numbers are disconnected. Would the sheriff's office who handled the eviction have taken possession of my things? Would the landlord have any responsibility? Everything I owned was in there. Company was in San Diego, CA - and I am currently located in Maryland. All of my contact information with them was current and they have been charging the fee on automatic debit. What are my rights and who should I contact? The police said it was a civil matter and did not offer to help me. I have to at least file a police report, as in addition to many irreplacable things, there is a major identity theft possibility.

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Repeat question. Please refer to my answer provided to your other question.

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