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The mother of my son will not give me her new home address. I need it to pick up my son on the weekends. I have a decree.

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I have missed three weekends with my son because she has not given me her address. She does not try to be civil with me at all. I just want to see my son on the weekends I have the legal right to. So far I have two police reports because I asked the cops to escort me to see my son but I was at her old home address. What can I do that is in my right? Or How can I get her address?

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If she refuses to give you her home address, you're going to have to track her down and/or file a motion for enforcement. You can file a motion for enforcement of a prior order and the court will either hold her in contempt or fine her based on the failure to give her address and the failure to turn over your son for visitation.

These have very, very specific pleading requirements and since attorney's fees are awarded, I'd strongly recommend consulting a local attorney in the matter. Even if you don't know her home address, you can still have her served at work.

David B Pittman

David B Pittman


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I agree with Mr. Cohan, most Decrees will include language requiring the parties to notify each other of a change in address along with notifying the Court and Attorney General of the change. There are likely several violations of the Court Order that she can be found in Contempt for. Hire a competent attorney to file a Motion for Enforcement on your behalf.

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