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The mother did not accept the child support I was giving, why?

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I was going to start paying child support and I need to pay the mother total of $65 but she doesnt accept the money I was giving to her, and I need to pay her because thats the order, she told me she cannot accept any child support from me, She said I have to give the money to her Lawyer then her lawyer will give the money on her, why its like that? are they planning something? my due is March 1, 2013 and need to pay her the $65,

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Look at your orders to see where the child support is supposed to go. It is odd that she would request you send the attorney the child support - but to cover yourself send it to the lawyer with a cover letter explaining why you are sending it to the lawyer. Keep a copy of the payment and the letter for your records. Start keeping a payment journal that lists date, amount and where sent so if there are issues later you have evidence of your payments. Do not pay in cash - money order or check. You could also set an automatic bill pay each month if the attorney tells you that you should be giving it the payment to your ex.

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I agree with the excellent advice of counsel above. I would just add that, in my opinion, it is safe and sometimes preferred to send a money order or cashiers check from the bank because those are traceable from the bank , which is a credible source to prove payment arrangements, should an issue arise. Just be sure to keep the carbon copy receipt, which shows when you went to the bank and purchased it and who was made payable.
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It sounds like the parties are trying to create a record. If the payment is paid to her attorney, the attorney will have to deposited into an escrow account, and then, there will be a record of the payments made which can be accessed by the court. In some states, payment of child support can only be made through the Child Suport Enforcement Agency. It sounds like they wish to create a record. Don't pay in cash. Pay by check, and keep a copy. Good luck.

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yes I bought money order and I put to the Mothers'name, I only made xerox copy of money order. Is her lawyer gonna charge her everytime I send the money order to her Lawyer? I only pay $13 monthly, or they just wanna give me hard time because they know I dont have job yet?

Curt Perri Bogen

Curt Perri Bogen


Doubt it-- not for those amounts.... Keep your copies and take them when you go to Court....Good luck.

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