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The judge said that my husband had 3 warrants from 3 different county i called those county they said no he does not what do i

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do now there holding till the next court date but the judge made a mistake

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Your husband may have an outstanding warrant in the other county; and the person you spoke to either missed it or did not have access to that information. I would suggest you call a criminal defense attorney in the jurisdiction where your husband is being held.


The very best thing to do is hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney. The attorney you hire will look into all of the facts and circumstances and advise your husband accordingly.

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An attorney would know where to check where the regular public does not. Maybe he has an arrest warrant or two and those do not show up on the public record until they are served. He really does need to get legal representation, go see an attorney

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Go to and see if his warrants appear. The Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement is one of the best sources to search for warrants and that is where I would start my search.