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The judge petitioned to revoke my supervision, what will happen when i go to court ?

Aurora, IL |

i received a speeding ticket on 6/07/2012 they gave me six months to take traffic classes, when i had to go back to court i missed that date and the judge revoked my supervision. my court date was moved to 01/24/2013. What is going to happen when i go to court this thursday ?

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Have you made any effort to re-enroll in traffic school or did you just stick your head in the sand and hope this would go away? Since you don't seem to be able to take care of this yourself. you should hire a lawyer to protect your interests.


Ms. Goldstein has hit the nail on the head. You clearly need assistance. Unrepresented defendants, especially those of the procrastinator stripe, find ways to make the very worst of a situation. Delay no more.


You would be convicted