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The Judge order that I get a breathalyzer installed in my car then order my wife to have one installed in her car Is this legal?

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First, a judge can order you to install a breath device on ANY CAR YOU DRIVE. If you can prove you do not drive the second car, then the order should be rescinded.
Second, a judge (depending on his or her ethics) can order anything they want to and get by with it.
Third, this is why you need a qualified DWI defense lawyer to be your protector. Above, click on the tab, "Find a Lawyer". You can also go to to their lawyer locator for a DWI specialist. Then interview a few to see who you can work with. Good luck.


You haven't given enough information to allow a definitive answer, and it would involve a lot of information. The judge responsible for your case, and thus for overseeing the bond you are out on, has a lot of discretion. Short answer is that it's probably legal, and you don't have much choice. In terms of pursuing this issue, which has no bearing on your case, the best you could hope for is getting the IID removed from your wife's car, and even that would be difficult to accomplish.

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It's typically ANY car you drive, especially on a bond condition.

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