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The ferensic firm valuate the business more than it is worth?

Saint Petersburg, FL |

i dont have the money to pay her off for the business, how would that come about in mediation, what is the best approch

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I am sorry, but your question is unclear. How would what come about in mediation? You don't have the money to pay who off for the business? Do you have a business with another person and they are demanding this claimed value? If so, on what basis do they claim this? Written agreement? Oral agreement?

Do you have an agreement that requires mediation? Is that written or oral? As to the best approach, since you provide two unclear sentences, the only sane best approach is to hire a local business attorney to advise you. You need legal advice. Good luck.

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Mediation in Florida is a private proceeding which takes place out of court. Nothing used in mediation (with a few unusual exceptions) can be used in court. If you are trying to reach an agreement with somebody, perhaps mediation will work for you.

Other than that, I don't really understand your question.

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