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The father of my children owe $17,000 or a littler bit more on child support, I do not working since 1996. Because the syndrome

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Of my daughter I have to stay in home with her , then my son born in 1999 with epilepsy and others limitation that push me to let him on home schooling . I have a hearing because the father want a modification of child support and his lawyer ask to child support to ask me for copies of Income tax return for the past 2 years and pays tubs for the last 3 months copies of vehicle tiles and deed of any real estate bank accounts , I do not working since 1996 Can you tells me if this is right because why I understood my husband money do not count on this or the law change and now start counting tells me what I need to produce to child support office , he is not spending any time with his children because the Judge order him to have visitation with supervision on 11 / 2012 he don't came to visit one

If I do not working since 1996 what kind of documents I need to show I always show the Financial Affidavit with 0 on Gross Income.

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Even if you don't have an income, you will still need to file a short form financial affidavit. Your ex-husband has a right to request a modification if his circumstances have changed. For example, if he is making less money he can request a modification.


Child support and visitation are not related to one another. Child support is required of whomever is liable for it regardless of whether or not they exercise or are permitted visitation; likewise visitation cannot be denied if it is ordered just because someone is not paying child support. The documents being requested are mandatory discovery documents required by the statute.

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What document I go to show if I do not working since 1996?

Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


You only have to produce documents that exist. Sent from my MOTOROLA ATRIX™ HD on AT&T > >---------------------------------------- This email was sent by: Avvo, Inc. 1501 4th AveSuite 1900 Seattle, WA, 98101-1588, USA We respect your right to privacy - visit the following URL to view our policy. ( ) ----------------------------------------

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