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The Drinking Driver Monitor Program MD, division of MD Parole and Probation, is it over on the date or do I get discharged?

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I've been on a low-level of supervised status for years. i've completed all of my requirements, paid my fees off very early and I haven't violated once. So, what happens now? Do I just go see my Monitor and get discharge papers? What if they don't process the paperwork required? Does anything official happen to let me know that I am no longer on probation?

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Your original sentencing order from the judge spell out the period of probation. The DDMP cannot extend that supervision period. Your probation and any monitoring under DDMP terminates as of the last day of your probation. Your monitor also may instruct you to reduce or cease your reporting to them before the end of probation, but that is up to them.


I agree with the first answer. However, it would be interesting to know when you probation period ends. If it is not coming up, you can apply for an early termination by Motion to the sentencing judge. As an aside, be aware that, although unsettled, most MD jurisdictions allow a violation of probation for anything done, or not done, during probation to be filed by your agent within 30 days of the end date.

This response is based on information provided. Many variables may exist that can only be addressed in an interview. This answer in no way creates an attorney-client relationship.



Interestingly, I never received the sentencing order from the judge. I requested it from my Agent years ago, when my sentence started, and was informed I would need to request a copy from the court - which I never did. However, I know the date I was sentenced and the term, which concluded the 2nd of this month - a week and a half ago. I'm not attempting to get away with anything and I have not (nor will I) violated any laws.. I went to see my Agent, who is working on a limited schedule due to the amount of Holidays this month, and was unable to be seen due to scheduling conflicts on their side. The desk attendant offered to have me see someone else, but said that ultimately my Agent would be the one to approve of my discharge. I just wanted to know what this discharge entails and/or do I really need to meet with my Agent to be officially released? I've been unable to find information on the process for this branch of Supervision (e.g., hearing, judge signature on file, certificate of completion... ) Logic would lead me to believe that my time has expired, therefore I don't need to 'check in'. However, "rod is the logic of fools" seems fitting, given the circumstance. Either way, thank you both for your time and thoughtful responses.

Warren E Tydings Jr

Warren E Tydings Jr


I understand. If the agent will support you, then a Motion to the Judge stating your reasons and with the agent's consent should have a good chance of being granted. Ed > -- * * *Ed Tydings* *Law Office of Warren E. Tydings, Jr., Esq.* *Criminal and Civil Litigation* * * *301-670-3020 **17 West Jefferson Street** * *240-334-4751 fax **Suite 1* *301-717-1006 cell** **Rockville, MD 20850** * ** * ** ** * NOTHING IN THIS MESSAGE SHOULD BE CONSTRUCTED AS LEGAL ADVICE OR THE CREATION OF AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. This communication may contain LEGALLY PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION and is intended ONLY for the use of the individual or entity named herein. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately notify the sender by telephone at (301) 670-3020 or by reply e-mail and delete the original from your computer. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation

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