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The date on the I-797 form is earlier than that on the I-94 card. Which one takes precedence?

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My employer applied for a transfer of my H-1B status, and it was granted until date X. However, my visa stamp has a date Y that is later than the date on the I-797 (i.e., X < Y). Date X is approaching and my employer wants to extend it.

Now, the last time I entered the country (recently), the officer put on the I-94 card the date Y as the status expiration date. He didn't even ask for the I-797 form.

My understanding is that I still have to apply for an extension of the H-1B, given it was only granted until date X. I will return the I-94 card the next time I leave the country, and if I try to enter back, I cannot use the I-94 card as proof that my status has not expired (since I will no longer have it)

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It is always the expiration date on your I-94 card or on a later USCIS issued I-797 which governs, never the visa stamp received at the consulate.

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The date on the visa stamp was simply mentioned as reference. My question is about the date on the I-797 vs the date on the I-94. Sorry, but you have not answered my question.


The date on the I-94 controls.

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Thanks. What happens if I leave the country after the date on the I-797



Thanks. But what happens if I leave the country after the date on the I-797 (date X) but before the date on the I-94 (date Y). What will happen if try to enter the country again? The only document I will have at that time is the I-797 which will say "date X", which had __already passed__.


I agree.

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