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The cops stopped me but didn't cite me or give me ticket/DUI or summons , can it still appear on FBI/BCI back ground checks ?

Columbus, OH |

I was stopped by the cops because I was sitting in a running vehilcle talking with a friend but I was tipsy. I was in driver seat - the cop ran my license but gave it back to me then had me get out of the car- and gave me a pretty darn stern talking. He never did breath test , sobriety test, and he never gave me any papers or ticket or told me I had DUI he told me to find a ride home and then he left - can this show up on my BCI/FBI background checks ? I am in the process of becoming a Foster care parent and I am so worried this will have an effect - I will NOT be doing this ever again.

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This is your third post about the same incident. I suggest you stop posting about the details or you are going to end up getting yourself charged. No arrest, no charge, no conviction typically equals no record.

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No, it won't show up anywhere. You were very Lucky !


You should not be posting detailed facts on a public forum. You are making admissions to a possible offense and should be asking these questions, privately, to an attorney or at least leave out the details on this forum.

But, that being sad, no if you have not been charged or cited for anything, then there will be no record of the event. At best there will be a "run report" but those are not in a record search and do not detail the event. It will only show where an officer was dispatched to and when it cleared.

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