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The company I work for shut me down until I take sleep apnea test. I am in excellent health. What can I do?

Theodore, AL |

The company is trying to downsize. I am highest paid driver, eldest 55 years old and senior driver. Excellent health, I take no meds, never sick. Company sent me to doctor for a response I made to another drivers statement during a meeting. It had to do with the need to get out of the truck and stretch after 2 or 3 hours of driving. Sent me to their doctor and told him to check me for sleep apnea. Doctor asked a few questions and gave me a clean bill of health with possible sleep apnea noted. He didn't test me. Company told me to get tested from a professional and wont let me work until I go have tests run. It could take a month to get this done. What can I do? Other drivers in the same meeting mentioned the same thing and none were required to go to the doctor.

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Attorney answers 1


You have not provided enough information for the question to be answered. I suggest you consult with a lawyer who handles employment cases in order that you can obtian sound legal advice. You want to make sure that you are not being discriminated against because of your age and that the company is sincere in their demands to you.

Any response given is not to be taken as legal advice or to create an attorney client relationship.