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The company I work for cancelled our health insurance 2 months ago without notifying the employees.

Tucson, AZ |

It is a charter school in AZ. We were not informed of any insurance changes...the insurance company sent letters of cancellation 2 months after the insurance was cancelled. That is how we found out it was cancelled. Our paychecks have had the insurance premiums deducted from them in that 2 months for a non-existant policy. I have had expensive, yet previously covered, medical procedures in that 2 months because I thought I had insurance but now am told by the insurance company I am responsible for financially. They have not replaced the insurance with another policy and the administration will not discuss the matter. What are my legal options?

Forgot to mention, my employment contract states that I would be provided with health insurance.

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This is going to be a complicated issue that can't really be answered fully here. It's going to depend a lot on what exactly your employer did, when they did it, how they did it, why they did it, and the specific terms of the health plan and of your employment contract. To a certain extent, your employer has a right to discontinue employee benefit plans with very little notice, but they are supposed to give at least some advance notice. You should find an experienced employee benefits attorney in your area to talk to - if the employer terminated all of its health plans, with or without notice, you should at least have been offered the opportunity to purchase individual coverage with the same insurer (if it was an insured plan).

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