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The cell phone company I am trying to set up an account with is asking me to fax them my ss card. Is there any danger in that?

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My Company gets discounts for Verizon service and equipment, my son was trying to set up an account with them and gave his name but my ssn since I work for the company. When verizon checked that I guess they saw that the ssn belonged to someone other than my son. I resubmitted in my name and they will not process the account unless I send them a copy of my social security card. I am very reluctant to do that for obvious reasons but they won't accept just my driver's license of other ID. Should I fax them a copy of my ss card?

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You can understand their reluctance to accept the SS# number since it has been used in a "fraudulent" application. If you can, simply go to the store and show your SS card. Sending a copy by fax or any other release of your SS number is a risk because you no longer have control of it and must rely on the vendor to take care to secure it.



the store can not honor the id. you must fax it to verizon. I am having the same trouble with verizon, however, I did not have any prior mishaps with my ss # like you did. So, I don't think its because of what happened with your son. Verizon even released a part of my order and turned on service to the phones I received, then they held the other phones 'hostage' at the verizon store until I came up with additional ID (like copy of drivers license, utility bill, and ss #) even though they had scanned my drivers lic. into the system at the store. I made it clear to verizon that they already approved my account and entered into agreement with me before they decided to hold part of my order. The explanation that they do this to prevent fraudulent activity doesn't make sense being that they had already sent me one of the phones I ordered and activated the service on that phone. Verizon pretty much wants more ID from me simply to make a purchase and, of course, any other reason they might want such sensitive data on people. I told them its a huge liability to keep such data on file. I am trying to find a way to report these companies for ss ID misuse and for breaching contract with me. I, fortunately, can afford a lawyer, I already have one dealing with an unrelated issue. It will be easy for me to get an easy referral for advise on this matter.

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