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The asst living home threw me out, because my brother said he had pow and he does not, i have judge letter says i can visit him.

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none of my sibblings have conservortship of my dad, my sister has end of live directive and a paper my deceased mom had stating my dad needs help with medical and financial , so when my mom passed in oct 9,2012, my sibblings threw him in an asst liv home, which i said i would take care of him, he is 88 and yes in good health just a little alheimzers. you ask him a question he will give you an intelligent answer. yes i feel they are after his money although thy claim they put him there for his care. thats a lie, the place is under probation for 5 years for elder abuse, and under staffed. he does not belong there. i want him out and overthrow those 2 medical papers. i even asked the dr patel who stated on the paper he had alheimzers, if i could bring him to live with me, he said yes.

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Hire an attorney to get a guardianship set up. The guardian makes decision on living conditions.


In need to petition the Court for Letters of Conservatorship (Note: in California, conservatorship is used for adults and guardianship for minors). Once you have Letters you can place dad in a facility that may be more appropriate for your father. Remember, whatever you do for your father MUST be in his best interest.

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i want my dad out of the home, my husbands i dont have a chance to get him because its 3 against 1.

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