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The apartment manager wants me to sign a new lease before the old one runs out. is this legal?

Colorado Springs, CO |

i had to sign another lease a couple of months ago. he says its the wording that will only change

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Unless there is rather clear language in the lease that allows the apartment to do this, you do not have to sign a new lease prior to the old lease expiring. So I would either not sign or review what they want you to sign and make sure that you are not losing various rights. Be careful.

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It is not uncommon for the larger apartment complexes to offer the OPTION of a renewing the lease (signing another lease) while your current lease has not yet expired. However, it is only an option to renew.

No apartment complex, or landlord, can ever force you to sign a lease agreeing to live somewhere that you have no desire to live at.


They can ask you to sign another lease before the old one runs out. However, you have no obligation to do so. He probably just saw a new landlord attorney who advised him to change some language on the old lease.

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