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Text message screenshot admissible in court?

Coeur D Alene, ID |

I have a screen shot of a threatening conversation off of my iPhone. It has the originating phone number on the top and the date/time stamp. I also provided the prosecuting attorney with a log of messages sent to and from my phone matching the date and time of the message in the screen shot. I do not have the actual messages on my phone, just a screen shot of the message. Can this be used as evidence in a domestic violence case?

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Speak with the prosecutor and they will review and determine if this can be used as evidence or not as provided under your state rules.

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As with most things in the law...the answer is "it depends." The Idaho Rules of Evidence govern the admissibility of such things. As the previous poster indicated, the prosecutor will be able to speak more fully to whether the screen-shot is admissible under the facts and circumstances of the case.

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Authentication may be the issue. As a witness, you will want to cooperate readily with the prosecutor on this an every other issue of proof.

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You mentioned authentication. What are the steps to authenticate something like this? The messages tell me not to tell anyone of the events, and if I do I will be physically harmed and that the abuser has "good lawyers". I feel like this would be convicting during jury trial.

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