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Texas laws and rights of 17 year old children leaving the house of the guardian.

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I'm a 17 teen year old girl. i'll be 18 in early January. My father is deployed until about mid December. My step mother sent me to Ohio for the summer to get rid of me for a little while. I am a good kid. Respectful, loving, and probably more honest than I should be. I live in a strict christian household which would be okay if my father wasn't a complete jerk to my family. I live a very difficult life in my house. I am trying to just stick it out but when my father returns in December he is going to be worse than ever. I'd really rather be gone before he returns to save myself from any further heartache. The bottom line is that my father hate everyone including me. He is mentally abusive and only causes pain to those around him. Including my 3 year old sister and my step mother. I just want a way out and i can't file for emancipation because he won't sign the papers and I know that. Please help me.

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In Texas, you may have the disabilities of being a minor removed for general purposes if you are a resident of Texas, 17 years old, live apart from parents or guardians, can support yourself, and manage your own finances.

If you are serious, you should find a good job and a suitable place to live when you return to Texas.



Yes i have a job here in ohio and good people ready to help me if I need a place to live. Thank you for the advice. And you mean that I am in fact legally allowed to leave without the consent of my parental guardians correct, as long as I am following these living standards?